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16 x 2 mm Wall mounted Pipe Flange with internal fixation

SKU: A10-23

16/40 mm Pipe interconnection Coupling

SKU: A14-10

16 mm diameter 90° Elbow

SKU: A15-01

16 mm 45° Elbow

SKU: A15-02

Ø 16 mm Lateral Adjustable spherical Elbow

SKU: A15-15

Ø 16 mm Sleeve

SKU: A16-01

Ø 16 x 2 mm Hollow Pipe Plug

SKU: A17-01

Ø 16 x 5 mm Filled Pipe Plug

SKU: A17-02

Ø 16 mm Single Safety Handle with tail

SKU: A18-01

Ø 16 mm Single Safety Handle without tail.

SKU: A18-03

Ø 16 mm Dual parts Safety Handle for 40' mm profile n°1010 or 5434

SKU: A18-02

Internal connection for Safety lines 16 mm x 2 mm thick. May be combined with external bracket AK16-06 for maximum efficience.

SKU: A16-05

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