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40 mm Clawless Strut Flange

SKU: A10-03

40 mm 3-Holes Flange (Long) Heavy duty.

SKU: A10-33

40 mm Strut Joint set

SKU: A13-02

Handrail steady joint for 40 mm post (economic)

SKU: A29-04

40 mm Luxury fixed Joint

SKU: A14-02

40/40 mm interconnection part. Allows a 90° direct connection between two 40 mm profiles

SKU: A14-08

Ø 40 mm Pipe Plug for bi canal post

SKU: A17-06

40 mm Pipe aluminium anchor

SKU: A24-03

Anchoring iron with screw

SKU: A24-04

Single Glass Handle (corner) for 12 mm front glass

SKU: A25-03

Double Glass Handle for max 12 mm thick Glass

SKU: A25-04

Glass Stopper

SKU: A25-05

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