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40x40 accessories

40x40 accessories

25x60 line accessories

25x60 line accessories

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Accessories common to square lines

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40x40 mm Square Strut Fixed Joint for profile 4162

SKU: AK14-21

40x40 mm Joint kit for Ø 50 mm Handrail

SKU: AK13-11

25x60 mm Multi angle movable turning kit

SKU: AK15-31

14x14 mm square 90° turn

SKU: AK15-36

14x14 mm square 45° Turn

SKU: AK15-37

40x40 mm Square Strut Flange

SKU: AK10-28

25x60 mm 2 holed Wall Flange

SKU: AK10-30

25x60 mm Square Pipe Connection Flange

SKU: AK10-39

14 x 14 mm square movable Turning kit

SKU: AK15-24

14 x 14 mm square Turning kit 90°

SKU: AK15-23

25x60 mm Glass slotted square Pipe Ring (eccentricated)

SKU: AK16-01

40x40 mm Square Strut lateral Connection set

SKU: AK22-17

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